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Alzheimer's disease affects the population several times faster than HIV, occupying a stable 4th place in terms of the frequency of deaths.

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At the moment, scientists have not come to a final opinion on this issue. There are three main hypotheses among the causes of Alzheimer's disease:

To confirm this theory, they tried to use drugs that were supposed to correct the deficiency of this substance, but this treatment turned out to be practically ineffective. TAU hypothesis. This is the latest hypothesis. According to it, a protein that is part of neurons (TAU-protein) can eventually form conglomerates in nerve cells, disrupting its normal functioning, and subsequently the death of a neuron.

According to a 10-year study in the United States, an eye examination by an ophthalmologist can play an important role in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. In the presence of cataracts, the incidence of this disease is much higher.

Clouding of the lens occurs long before the manifestations of metoprolol disease, which makes it possible to suspect a high risk of developing the disease and delay the onset of the first symptoms. The clinical picture is the symptoms of the disease.

In an Alzheimer's clinic, the symptoms are very variable, someone may have all the symptoms at once, someone may have only a few of metoprolol. The disease proceeds in four successive stages, which differ from each other. Short-term memory impairment - Difficulty remembering something that you have recently tried hard to remember (a recently memorized phone number or address). Difficulty absorbing new information. It is difficult to concentrate your attention, focus on the task at hand.

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Failure to explain the meaning of a word or phrase that was previously known. It is difficult or impossible to think abstractly. Decreased mood, motivation, apathy.

Agnosia appears - a violation of visual, tactile and/or auditory perception. Speech dysfunction can often occur. It can be manifested by inhibition of speech, impoverishment of vocabulary. There may be a violation of motor activity, due to a deterioration in coordination, movements may seem slow, awkward.

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  • Written speech is also difficult. The patient often finds it difficult to express his thoughts, but he is able to operate with simple standard concepts, understands and fulfills simple requests. At this stage of the disease, the patient already needs supervision.

  • disease progressionruts and arbitrary independent actions are practically impossible. Speech disorders are very pronounced, vocabulary is very poor, paraphrasia appears (substitution of concepts, words). The ability to read and write is lost.

  • Memory also deteriorates. The patient may not recognize his relatives, now long-term memory metoprolol, the patient cannot remember what happened to him in his youth, although he used to remember it perfectly.

  • Disorders of coordination progress sharply to such an extent that the patient cannot even perform the usual daily metoprolol (change clothes, open the door with a key, adjust the water temperature).

    Psycho-emotional disturbances become more obvious. Patients become prone to vagrancy, emotional lability, not restrained, irritable, touchy, often worsening occurs in the evening. The patient may become aggressive for no reason or burst into tears, often resisting attempts to help them. Some patients may experience delirium. Some develop urinary incontinence, which does not bother them, since the hygiene skill is almost completely lost. Stage IV - severe dementia.

  • At this stage of Alzheimer's disease, patients are completely dependent on the help of others, they need vital care.h4>

    Speech is almost completely lost, sometimes individual words or short phrases are preserved. Patients understand the speech addressed to them, they can respond, if not with words, then with a manifestation of emotions. Sometimes aggressive behavior may still persist, but, as a rule, apathy and emotional exhaustion predominate. The patient practically does not move, because of this, his muscles atrophy, and this leads to the impossibility of arbitrary actions, patients cannot even get out of bed.

  • Even for the simplest tasks, they need the help of an outsider.

    Such people die not because of Alzheimer's disease itself, but because of complications that develop with constant bed rest, for example, pneumonia or bedsores. Similar symptoms may be accompanied by other neurological pathologies, for example:

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Long Term Benefits of Psychotherapy

Therefore, differential diagnosis is carried out using the following methods:

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